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Website Info & Disclaimer

In visiting the website you understand and agree with the following.
This website is our creative effort; it is our pleasure to offer it to you. We have chosen a clean design for effortless use.  Hopefully, our links facilitate your navigation.  Feel free to use this site... reference it... print pages from it... and e-mail it to other interested people.  Wear it out! 
Nonetheless, this site is private property and is copyrighted. Obviously, our logos, slogans, trademarks and designs belong to us; therefore, their use without our permission equals misuse.  Not all information within this website has been created, or is owned by the us. If you wish to use any other entity's material, you should seek permission directly from the owning source.  
We appreciate your feedback; however, we caution your unsolicited submission of ideas.  Since we have no formal legal mechanism to shield us from your disclosure, we can only accept your disclosure as freely given, thus requiring neither compensation nor inclusion.  Additionally, we will consider your idea to be our property with an unlimited right to use it for any purpose.  Having stated the foregoing, if you still have that insatiable itch to see your idea in pixels, FIRST, email us.  We will attempt to protect you and your disclosure under a separate legal agreement, if we are interested, which we are under no obligation to be.
We make every effort to maintain this site for your use.  But, we are dealing with online web servers / networks, over which we have no control, and per chance stealthy hackers; thus, we cannot warranty "up-time" or freedom from any computer virus.   Despite our dogged efforts, this means that our site may not be available to you just when you need it most.  So, under no circumstances can or will we be liable for any loss of use and for any consequences which arise from the same.

Unlike other disclaimers, we are "stand-up" enough to shoulder responsibility for our creative materials and our statements in this site.  However, we are not responsible for materials either provided by others, which will be noted, or provided through links.  Aside from our own creative, all other material is presented either without our edit, or our editing as noted by referencing the original piece.  However, attribution is not given to information commonly known or published. Our publication of unedited material allows us to disclaim any liability for the other entities' opinions, accuracy, context, negligence, misrepresentations, infringements, plagiarisms, or warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use.
We are authorized affilates of and  Links provided in this site are created by the respective companies in response to our request.  If you link to one of the vendors, you will be doing business directly with them through their secure servers  We do not collect payment or shipment information of any kind.  Periodically, we receive a report stating the number, if any, of linked-thru visitors who made purchases.  Depending on the vendor, there is paid to us an insignificant amount, which is derived from the same sales price that you would pay were you to originally visit the vendors' directly.  So, there is no extra charge to you.  We present these links not as a serious revenue source to us, but as a convenience to your ordering music, books, posters, and merchandise. 
We are not responsible for "nested" links within a site to which we directly link, or other nested links further removed.  An entity's inclusion in this site does not necessarily imply either our favorable opinion, or endorsement / guarantee.  As publishers, we make inclusion decisions based on our expected visitor' interests.   And, we make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the overall accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of this website; in fact, we expressly disclaim liability for errors and omissions in the contents of this website. 
Nonetheless we try are hardest to be accurate.  Frankly, if you believe that you can do better, we encourage your effort.  Competition brings the best out in us all.
Finally, we do not directly or indirectly... collect data on you, or your computer... drop "cookies" onto your computer... or collect your email address, if sent, for sale, or further solicitation, unless you have specifically requested that we do so.  However, we cannot assure the same for governments, isps, nodes, or sites to which you link via this site.
Hopefully, the above words coat us with enough non-stick material to keep us free from the grasp of unduly tacky hands.  Notwithstanding, if after reading all the above, you have an issue with the site or a portion thereof, except for opinions expressed to which we reserve our First Amendment right, you should contact us so that we can resolve your concern/s, immediately, should they be valid as well as something which we can remedy.  If we are not be able to remedy the problem, we will immediately remove the offending material without need for further action. There is other material available for inclusion in this sites's limited space for either party to become contentious over the material in question. 


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