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Wilkommen / Welcome

Wilkommen / Welcome
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Wir Sprechen Deutschland
Welcome to Wir Sprechen Deutsch, 
We hope that you enjoy your visit.  Further, we hope that you will find the existing links useful.  There are many more to be published.  So we encourage your return.
All websites are works-in-progress.  In truth, we have rushed our publication of this site to include Oktoberfest 2012 which runs from September 22nd through October 7th.  Without doubt, Oktoberfest is the longest running ethnic celebration in the U.S.A and the Steuben Parade in New York City is only eclipsed by the Saint Patrick's Day Parade. 
There are many sites regarding various aspects of German-American life... As you will see by visiting the Oktoberfest links there are also many fine sites specifically built for this festive time. Regardless, our goal is to fashion a unique business / living / leisure site from both unique content... and pragmatic content as a convenience to our visitors. Together, these attributes will establish Wir Sprechen Deutsch as a site worthy of your bookmarking for many return visits.
Well, the Oktoberfest Season is upon us.  So rather than my writing more about the site, I prefer that you enjoy it.  Perhaps there is a fest happening near you.  Should there not be one, at least on the Oktoberfest page there are links to live webcams and video links which can bring Oktoberfest to you. 
John David Sottile

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John David Sottile